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Coastal Wine Harvest is Early and Booming

Long article from Wines & Vines – The Voice of the Wine Industry: Santa Cruz Mountains growers enjoy spectacular 2013 season…

santa cruz school students performing at the Christmas Fiesta 2011 at Kala Academy

Dec 23 2011 .

santa cruz school anniversary

Jan 29 2011 : …band set cheif guests.

Santa Cruz school rebuilds after fire

Jul 13 2012 : Spring Hill School in Santa Cruz started the rebuilding process after a fire ripped through a building on 4th of July.

Santa Cruz teachers plan to wear black arm bands

Youtube: The Santa Cruz school district commented hard working teachers deserve a pay raise but there is not enough revenue.


Apr 12 2012 .

Santa Cruz School District

Dec 21 2012 .

Santa Cruz School Trip

May 25 2011 : School trip to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz! Song is Loser Like Me by the cast of Glee…

Plaid Retina / Melvins Live Santa Cruz

Aug 2 2012 : Early ’90s gig in a Santa Cruz school cafeteria.

The Muse presents Michael Rugg: The Bigfoot Artist of the Santa Cruz Mountains

Aug 13 2013 : The Bigfoot Artist of the Santa Cruz Mountains profiles the artistic life of Michael Rugg, owner and curator of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, Cal…

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Santa Cruz Mountains (Block5)

Snow On Bay Area Peaks; Blizzard In Sierra

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Mar 5: According to the National Weather Service, more than an inch of rain had fallen in San Francisco and Castro Valley by seven in the morning 1.35 inches in Orinda and 1.26 inches in Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Bill to repair California storm damage double what's budgeted Email

Abc7news Feb 24: On the coast, an entire section of highway running through the Santa Cruz mountains washed out in what is estimated to be one of the state’s most expensive road projects so far this year, at $15 million. Also mentioned: Lake Tahoe (archive) (more…)

Before delivering papers, Boulder Creek man was a microbiologist

Santacruzsentinel Feb 24: …had lived five miles up Kings Creek Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains… Also mentioned: UCLA (archive) (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountain man and U.S. Army vet remembered

Santacruzsentinel Feb 23: SAN LORENZO VALLEY >> Longtime Santa Cruz Mountains resident and America … …help coach for baseball (illustration: boltron),” stated Amanda. (more…)



Santa Cruz Mountains (Block6)

Mountain biking at Saratoga Gap – Santa Cruz Mountains

Oct 4 2013 : Santa Cruz Mountains Saratoga Gap Long Ridge GoPro Hero2 Kona The King.

12 pine flat old bonny doon – Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge

Aug 17 2013 : 2013 Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge: descent from the top of Pine Flat, through Old Bonny Doon Road, and back to Pine Flat.