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Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: Another harbor for Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz Sentinel: …Fred Swanton was enjoying success with his Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, but had grander plans. The Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, one hundred years old next year, had been open for fifteen years and the Boardwalk was still operating its pleasure pier.

Diver Dan’s

Lengthy story in Yelp – San Jose Restaurants, Dentists, Bars, Beauty Salons, Doctors: …there was fresh snow in the trees in the Santa Cruz mountains, and there was some hail while we were in the water. And i did almost freeze to death the first day… but I borrowed a third wet suit layer for the second day and fully enjoyed it.

Santa Cruz surfer Zoltan Torkos performs a Darkslide Pop-Shuvit

One article from San Jose Mercury News and a couple of from other sources: Santa Cruz surfer Zoltan Torkos’ most recent trick keeps knitting skateboarding and surfing closer together. His most recent trick in the…

National Geographic’s New Santa Cruz “Trails Illustrated” Map to be Celebrated at Release Party

Times Publishing Corp.: …The map is a great resource for both locals and visitors because it provides a unique look at the Santa Cruz Mountains and surrounding areas, in terms of recreational opportunities and the…

Karen Kefauver, Spin City: Bicycling shouldn’t be a death sentence

Lengthy story in Santa Cruz Sentinel: I did not know Joshua Alper, fourty who was struck and killed by a car last Sat morning while riding his road bike back to Santa Cruz from Davenport. But I have learned a little about him through others.

Yoga without judgment at Santa Cruz County Superior Court

Santa Cruz Sentinel: It’s a very Santa Cruz thing. I do not think they care, commented participant Stephanie Jarvis, a probation officer.

The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center

Times Publishing Corp.: Local artists selling paintings, sculpture, glass, wood, textiles, baskets, jewelry and more! This exhibition is very “gift-minded”, so come and find that unique handmade gift for that special someone in your life!

Santa Cruz reacts to surf school owner’s arrest

Times Publishing Corp.: …goodperson 5pts
SCPD was made aware that the girl who accused Greiner was having a relationship with a 32 yr. old surf instructor who worked for Greiner this summer, in August.

The Homeless in Santa Cruz County

Times Publishing Corp.: In the 5th District, most of the homeless are along the San Lorenzo River corridor, especially in Felton and in between Felton and Santa Cruz, according to the survey. We have a very active volunteer group in Felton that has been working to…

Valley Neighbors: Vet reflects on decade of military service

Press Banner: Shawn Smith of Santa Cruz has carried shrapnel in his brain since Tue Apr 13 2004 when he led his squadron of Marines in the battle of Fallujah. As part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Sergeant Smith and his men located and retrieved classified…

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Santa Cruz Boardwalk (Block5)

Santa Cruz Officials Back 2 New Rides For Beach Boardwalk

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Oct 21: SANTA CRUZ – The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is about to look a whole lot different. (more…)

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk petitioning to add two new rides

Sfgate Oct 19: The amusement park is trying to add 2 completely new rides to the boardwalk, one called Shockwave and another called Typhoon. (more…)

Wipe Out T1D Day

Santacruz Apr 25 : Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Saturday April 25 11am Ages: family friendly…

Embezzlement probe prompts firing of Scotts Valley police sergeant

Lengthy story in Mercurynews Apr 20 : The event typically takes place on the 3rd Sat of Jul with an antique car rally from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to Scotts Valley.



Santa Cruz Boardwalk (Block6)

Cave Train Adventure Dark Ride Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk California

Youtube: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s classic dark ride! The Cave Train is a MUST RIDE when visiting the boardwalk!

Scary Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Gargoyle

Youtube: Took this short video while in Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was pretty much empty. It was very late. The scary thing about this video is that s…