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Two men to face trial in fatal street-racing crash in Watsonville

San Jose Mercury News: SANTA CRUZ — 2 men accused of vehicular manslaughter in a street racing crash on Green Valley Road in 2012 will face a jury trial, a judge ruled Thursday.

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Santa Cruz: Man attempts to gouge eye of police officer

Jan 8 : SANTA CRUZ — A 33-year-old homeless man was apprehended Wed after allegedly trying to gouge out the eye of a Santa Cruz police officer. … …treated and released from Dominican Hospital (archive) for his eye injury.

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Jan 3 : Santa Cruz City Hall 809 Center Street, Santa Cruz, Ca, 95060…

Spate of violence offsets New Year’s celebrations in handful of Bay Area cities

Jan 1 : …Santa Cruz drew police attention as about twenty people, dressed in all-black clothing akin to Black Bloc activists, marched to the county jail around midnight carrying banners promoting violence against and death to police officers.

Teen dies in Wednesday Watsonville shooting

Nov 27 : June sixteen : Hugo Rodas-Escobar, fifteen Watsonville, was shot unintentionally by a 16-year-old he knew in an apartment on Center Street in Santa Cruz. … Police (archive) apprehended the suspected shooter on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter.



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