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CCS boys basketball semifinals: St. Francis smothers Mitty on defense in title quest

Sport – Insidebayarea Mar 1 : Mitty managed just 2 points in the first quarter and 9 points through the first half against a St. Petersburg, Russia, Francis team that was determined to avoid the misstep it took Fri against eighth-seeded Santa Cruz,…

Soquel Creek district three-year water rate plan finalized

Santacruzsentinel Mar 1 : …irrigation accounts and fire service hookups will see higher service charge increases than other types of accounts, due to their larger impacts on the water system during periods of peak use, according to the item’s staff report.

Campbell, Saratoga: Prospect wins twice to advance to CCS D-II boys soccer semifinals

Sport – Mercurynews Mar 1 : The Panthers and Knights were to square off on Wed afternoon at Westmont with the winner moving into the CCS championship game against the No. three Sacred Heart Cathedral-No. seven Scotts Valley winner on Saturday…

Aptos’ Mar Vista Elementary without sewer services this week

Eductaion – Santacruzsentinel Mar 1 : APTOS >> Mar Vista Elementary School is expected to need a 3rd full day without plumbing before needed repairs can be made at the Soquel Dr. site, an official stated Tuesday.

UCSC’s Chris Benner: Lessons from Kansas City, Salt Lake City and Okalahoma City

Finance and Politics – Santacruzsentinel Mar 1 : UC Santa Cruz prof. Chris Benner who arrived here from UC Davis a year ago, has investigated why.

Top ranked surfer Nat Young talks to Aptos students about perseverance

Eductaion – Santacruzsentinel Mar 1 : The 24-year-old from Santa Cruz isn’t a illustrious professional baseball player or a scientist or an astronaut.

San Jose: Branham wins a pair to advance in CCS D-II girls soccer playoffs

Sport – Mercurynews Mar 1 : The Mustangs, seeded No. ten lost a 2-1 heartbreaker to No. seven Scotts Valley and the No. twelve Bruins fell 3-2 to No. five Petersburg Ignatius.

From Hashtag To Hope

Cityonahillpress Mar 1: UCSC’s lack of representation extends beyond the campus — in Santa Cruz county, black residents account for only 1.… (more…)

Acceptance Without Exception

Cityonahillpress Mar 1: …Accept ‘Except’ LGBT NY” to UC Santa Cruz this 30 days for a night of entertainment and empowerment. (more…)

The Art The Blood The Cast

Cityonahillpress Mar 1: Candidate Stephen Richter after previously working together with Shakespeare Santa Cruz. (more…)

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Gotta Catch ‘em All: Santa Cruz Music This Week

Culture – Santacruz Jul 28: Santa Cruz has another weirdly awesome weekend of music for you with a lineup that includes psychedelic rock, ska-fusion, old-fashioned pop and some seriously futuristic sounds—all at a reasonable price. (more…)

West Menlo residents seek annexation by Menlo Park

Politics – Comprehensive coverage in Almanacnews Jul 28: 2 residents of Crocus Court, a cul-de-sac off of that diagonal stretch of Santa Cruz Avenue, say that there are excellent reasons to become part of Menlo Park. (more…)

The Gentrification of Cannabis

Long article from Poormagazine Jul 26: “Amateur botanist” and a Botany degree from UC Santa Cruz aren’t the same thing. (more…)

Amelia’s Barn

News – Long article from Tpgonlinedaily Jul 26: His health started to fail in 1894/95 so he and his wife moved to a small property on Union Street in Santa Cruz. (more…)



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Navin Alessio Filippi's Soccer Footage

Youtube: Navin Alessio Filippi Class of 2013 Los Gatos High School, Santa Cruz Breakers U18 Academy.

Navin Alessio Filippi's Soccer Footage

Jun 23 2012 : Navin Alessio Filippi Class of 2013 Los Gatos High School, Santa Cruz Breakers U18 Academy.