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Divisions multiply at Santa Cruz Paddlefest

Lengthy story in Santacruzsentinel Mar 17 : Where: Cowell Beach and Steamer Ln. Santa Cruz… (more…)

Aptos Times: March 15 2016

Tpgonlinedaily Mar 17 : Wallace Baine • Twenty-one Community Leaders Selected For Focus Agriculture Class XXVII • Santa Cruz al Salvador ‘Pupusa’ Fundraiser by Edita McQuary • ‘Road to Success’ Business Expo! (more…)

Book to Action- EYES WIDE OPEN: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines

Tpgonlinedaily Mar 17 : Santa Cruz’ changing climate, traffic, and natural assets make it a perfect site for seeing the global in the local. (more…)

Author Visit with Craig Harwood

Tpgonlinedaily Mar 17 : Santa Cruz County served as an important locale for a pivotal point in the story and represents a Kitty Hawk of the west. (more…)

Kentfield woman says caller faked child’s abduction to scam ransom money

Marinij Mar 17 : In Jan Santa Cruz police warned residents of attempted kidnapping scams against 3 local families in a single weekend. (more…)

Allen Bushnell, Fish Rap: Plenty of hefty perch for local anglers

Santacruzsentinel Mar 17 : No one brought in a fish as large as his 2-pound, 6-ounce BSP, which measured 15¼ inches and was caught from a popular southern Santa Cruz County beach. (more…)

Scotts Valley High School to host Queer, Ally Student Summit

Eductaion and news – Santacruzsentinel Mar 17 : WHAT: The summit, which is a production of The Unfamiliar Youth Task Force and the Safe Schools Project of Santa Cruz County, is entitled “Ensuring Healthy Relationships Across the Spectrum” and will run from 9:30 in the morning to two in the afternoon Saturday. (more…)

Santa Cruz County teachers learn how much sugar is in lunch boxes?

Health, science, eductaion and news – Santacruzsentinel Mar 17 : Mary Toscano of Santa Cruz, a certified nutrition educator and author of the book “Sweet Fire: Sugar, Diabetes and Your WHO” explained how to figure out how much sugar is in packaged products children bring to school for lunch and snacks. (more…)

Holy Cross students learn public speaking with Toastmasters

Eductaion – Santacruzsentinel Mar 17 : Toastmasters is an international nonprofit teaching adults speaking skills, with ten chapters in Santa Cruz County. (more…)

Cabrillo College’s Measure Q goes to vote in June

Politics and eductaion – Santacruzsentinel Mar 17 : An argument against the bond has been submitted by retired military officer Michael Maxwell, business owner William Anderson and retired UC Santa Cruz prof. Paul Lee. (more…)

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Gotta Catch ‘em All: Santa Cruz Music This Week

Culture – Santacruz Jul 28: Santa Cruz has another weirdly awesome weekend of music for you with a lineup that includes psychedelic rock, ska-fusion, old-fashioned pop and some seriously futuristic sounds—all at a reasonable price. (more…)

West Menlo residents seek annexation by Menlo Park

Politics – Comprehensive coverage in Almanacnews Jul 28: 2 residents of Crocus Court, a cul-de-sac off of that diagonal stretch of Santa Cruz Avenue, say that there are excellent reasons to become part of Menlo Park. (more…)

The Gentrification of Cannabis

Long article from Poormagazine Jul 26: “Amateur botanist” and a Botany degree from UC Santa Cruz aren’t the same thing. (more…)

Amelia’s Barn

News – Long article from Tpgonlinedaily Jul 26: His health started to fail in 1894/95 so he and his wife moved to a small property on Union Street in Santa Cruz. (more…)



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Navin Alessio Filippi's Soccer Footage

Youtube: Navin Alessio Filippi Class of 2013 Los Gatos High School, Santa Cruz Breakers U18 Academy.

Navin Alessio Filippi's Soccer Footage

Jun 23 2012 : Navin Alessio Filippi Class of 2013 Los Gatos High School, Santa Cruz Breakers U18 Academy.