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Recreation District Could Be Fined Tens Of Thousands For Privates Beach Gate

Published Thursday July 7

Photo: Sanfrancisco Cbslocal

SANTA CRUZ — A meeting already Thu afternoon will choose the fate of a gate that blocks access to a beach near Santa Cruz from all but a select few.

The gate has been there since the 1940’s. The fight to take it down is reaching its tipping point.

7 days after a deadline to remove the gate and fence at Privates Beach in Santa Cruz has come and gone, the meter is running.

Coastal Commission Enforcement Supervisor Pat Veesart stated the Opal Cliffs Recreation District might have to pay as much as $11,250 a day in fines for defying an order to take down the barriers to the public beach.

Opal Cliffs has been operating a gate to Privates Beach since 1941.

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