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Karen Kefauver, Spin City: Polo Ground jumps may be just the beginning for bikers

Bicycles – Santacruzsentinel Jul 14: Last spring, Epicenter Cycling and the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz received approval from the Santa Cruz County Parks Department to rebuild and update the jumps’ lines. (more…)

Aptos Times: July 15, 2016

Tpgonlinedaily Jul 14: …Drive Elegant • Home Security Inspection Program • Soquel Pioneer and Historical Association Picnic • Capitola Aptos Rotary Scholarships • Start Clean Presentation • Wharf to Wharf 2016 – 44th Annual Celebration Takes Pl. Sunday… (more…)

Pogonip Park Guided Hike

Tpgonlinedaily Jul 14: The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History leads similar hikes for school groups throughout the year, and would like to welcome all members of our community to join us on this family friendly outing. (more…)

With Scenic Views, Half Moon Bay is a Delight for Day or Overnight Treks

Lamorindaweekly Jul 14: Compared to Santa Cruz, for instance, Half Moon Bay is an not discovered gem where time appears to be standing still, yet you will find all the great shops, galleries and restaurants expected of a funky beach town. (more…)

Tree removal to delay Highway 17 traffic

Traffic – Santacruzsentinel Jul 14: SCOTTS VALLEY >> Caltrans crews will be performing an emergency tree removal along a one-mile section of northbound Hwy seventeen from Vine Hill Road to Sugarloaf near Scotts Valley from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon (more…)

Allen Bushnell, Fish Rap: Halibut fishing getting hotter with squid in the water

Santacruzsentinel Jul 14: Halibut fishing in particular is heating up, especially in the Santa Cruz area. (more…)

Watsonville summer youth band an intro to music’s return in schools

Eductaion and culture – Santacruzsentinel Jul 14: Yet Thu morning students from a dozen different PVUSD schools were playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” together in a classroom on the Watsonville campus of Cabrillo College. (more…)

Police seeking public’s help in identifying Santa Cruz carjacking suspect

Crime – Kron4 Jul 14: SANTA CRUZ — Police are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a suspect involved in a carjacking in Santa Cruz on Mon night. (more…)

This Week in the Garden: The reason gardeners gravitate to succulents

Santacruzsentinel Jul 14: If you’d like some help from an expert on that topic, attend the free talk by Julia Bell ten in the morning to noon Sat Jul sixteen at San Lorenzo Garden Center, at 235 River Petersburg in Santa Cruz. (more…)

Living Green: Lots of good environmental news too easily overlooked

Dining – Santacruzsentinel Jul 14: Although the spectacular violet and blue butterflies have been successfully repopulated in Santa Cruz and Sonoma counties, they are still rare in San Francisco. (more…)

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Gotta Catch ‘em All: Santa Cruz Music This Week

Culture – Santacruz Jul 28: Santa Cruz has another weirdly awesome weekend of music for you with a lineup that includes psychedelic rock, ska-fusion, old-fashioned pop and some seriously futuristic sounds—all at a reasonable price. (more…)

West Menlo residents seek annexation by Menlo Park

Politics – Comprehensive coverage in Almanacnews Jul 28: 2 residents of Crocus Court, a cul-de-sac off of that diagonal stretch of Santa Cruz Avenue, say that there are excellent reasons to become part of Menlo Park. (more…)

The Gentrification of Cannabis

Long article from Poormagazine Jul 26: “Amateur botanist” and a Botany degree from UC Santa Cruz aren’t the same thing. (more…)

Amelia’s Barn

News – Long article from Tpgonlinedaily Jul 26: His health started to fail in 1894/95 so he and his wife moved to a small property on Union Street in Santa Cruz. (more…)



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Navin Alessio Filippi's Soccer Footage

Youtube: Navin Alessio Filippi Class of 2013 Los Gatos High School, Santa Cruz Breakers U18 Academy.

Navin Alessio Filippi's Soccer Footage

Jun 23 2012 : Navin Alessio Filippi Class of 2013 Los Gatos High School, Santa Cruz Breakers U18 Academy.