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2016 Wharf to Wharf Notebook: Bryan Stow starts race with fanfare

Santacruzsentinel Jul 24: The Santa Cruz native participated in the Wharf to Wharf at least ten times before suffering a brain injury after being attacked outside Dodger Stadium a little more than 5 years ago. (more…)

2016 Wharf to Wharf: Mwangi wins sprint to finish over 2011 champ Kipruto

Santacruzsentinel Jul 24: Simply turn the six-mile footrace from Santa Cruz to Capitola into a 100-meter dash down Cliff Drive. (more…)

Celebrated Lebanese accordionist brings Arabic music to Santa Cruz

Culture – Santacruzsentinel Jul 24: Reach the author at or follow Ryan on Twitter: (more…)

Marin sets drug company fee for medication disposal program

Health and finance – Marinij Jul 24: Other counties, such as Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara have adopted similar ordinances to tackle the issue. (more…)

Santa Cruz Warriors arena: Stay or go?

Sport and culture – Lengthy story in Mercurynews Jul 24: Before a seven-year lease agreement between the Warriors, the city of Santa Cruz and Kaiser Permanente Arena landowner Seaside Co. expires in 2019, city officials are aiming to forge plans for a completely new permanent arena. (more…)

Deadly virus threatens pet rabbits

Health – Santacruzsentinel Jul 24: The last one in Santa Cruz County occurred 2 years ago. (more…)

Local Roundup: Aptos 11-12 All-Stars fall in state tourney opener to Canyon Creek

Santacruzsentinel Jul 24: The Buona Sera, a Santa Cruz seventy out of the SCYC, finished on Fri in 07:04:50:06. (more…)

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Gotta Catch ‘em All: Santa Cruz Music This Week

Culture – Santacruz Jul 28: Santa Cruz has another weirdly awesome weekend of music for you with a lineup that includes psychedelic rock, ska-fusion, old-fashioned pop and some seriously futuristic sounds—all at a reasonable price. (more…)

West Menlo residents seek annexation by Menlo Park

Politics – Comprehensive coverage in Almanacnews Jul 28: 2 residents of Crocus Court, a cul-de-sac off of that diagonal stretch of Santa Cruz Avenue, say that there are excellent reasons to become part of Menlo Park. (more…)

The Gentrification of Cannabis

Long article from Poormagazine Jul 26: “Amateur botanist” and a Botany degree from UC Santa Cruz aren’t the same thing. (more…)

Amelia’s Barn

News – Long article from Tpgonlinedaily Jul 26: His health started to fail in 1894/95 so he and his wife moved to a small property on Union Street in Santa Cruz. (more…)



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Navin Alessio Filippi's Soccer Footage

Youtube: Navin Alessio Filippi Class of 2013 Los Gatos High School, Santa Cruz Breakers U18 Academy.

Navin Alessio Filippi's Soccer Footage

Jun 23 2012 : Navin Alessio Filippi Class of 2013 Los Gatos High School, Santa Cruz Breakers U18 Academy.