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The floating island of Watsonville’s Pinto Lake defies the Aquamog

Published Wednesday July 27

WATSONVILLE >> As of Wed morning, the floating island of Pinto Lake, which has taken firm root at the end of the park’s dock, had defied efforts to pry it free and tow it to a less obtrusive location.

After El Nino-fueled storms broke off a half-acre piece of wetland from an not known bank in March, it zigzagged from one corner of the lake to another for 2 weeks before wedging itself in front of the dock, blocking boats from launching.

Templeton watched as the Aquamog, an aquatic vegetation removal vessel that looks equal parts paddleboat and backhoe, tore a bucketful of tule reed out of the water.

“We’re not removing any habitat from the lake,” Templeton said.

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