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Titans of Mavericks: Surfers descended on Pillar Point Harbor for opening ceremony

Published Saturday October 22

Photo: Smdailyjournal

Twenty-four of the men who will compete for the title of Titan of Mavericks gathered on the beach off of Pillar Point for the annual opening ceremonies for the surf contest. The window opens Nov. 1 and closes March 31.

Santa Cruz’s Anthony Tashnick, left, who won the Mavericks event in 2005, and Half Moon Bay’s Ion Banner, who is a Committee five member, talk as they paddle out as part of the opening ceremony for the Titans of Mavericks surf contest.

The waters off Pillar Point were placid by ocean standards. Just the rhythmic, steady slapping of the shore by small, rolling shore break.

He’s been surfing Mavericks for thirteen years.

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