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Q&A: Big Wave Surfer Sarah Gerhardt

Published Tuesday February 28

Sally Gerhardt, the 1st woman to ever surf Mavericks, on this year’s cancelled contest and the thrill of large waves PHOTO: NIKKI BROOKS

Comments Frigid waters. Jagged, tooth-like rocks. Great white sharks. And a punishing swell that folds in half, willing and able to crush anything in its way. When they break, the waves at Mavericks look like kind average-sized surf—from the shore. But that’s really only because, at two miles out, the action is a lot farther away than it looks. With its waves occasionally topping out at more than sixty ft. this break is anything but average.

How long have you been surfing?

What’s that 1st ride like?

Does your stomach go into your throat a little bit?

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