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Horse Rescued After Animal Got Stuck In Santa Cruz Creek

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Mar 8: SANTA CRUZ — A horse and rider got in trouble Tue evening in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Family's missing blind dog rescued in remote area of Santa Cruz Mountains

KTVU Mar 7: — A blind dog that was lost in the thick woods and steep terrain of the Santa Cruz mountains was missing for more than a week before she was found. (more…)

Blind Dog Lost in the Santa Cruz Mountains Survives for Eight Days, Rescue Brings Euphoria to Pain-Stricken Community

Nbcbayarea Mar 7: A story destined to end in heartbreak took a euphoric twist. (more…)

VIDEO: Blind dog reunited with family in Santa Cruz

Kron4 Mar 7: …lost in the thick woods and steep terrain of California’s Santa Cruz mountains……back about one hundred yrds up a canyon (illustration: snowpeak) to safety. (more…)

Blind dog found, rescued in Santa Cruz mountains

Mercurynews Mar 7: …Sentinel | | Santa Cruz Sentinel Tue Mar 7 at 03:30 am | UPDATED: (illustration) (more…)

Blind dog miraculously found alive after 7 nights lost in Santa Cruz Mountains Email

Abc7news Mar 7: It could be called a canine miracle in the Santa Cruz Mountains — a blind dog was found alive after disappearing into the chilly wet woods for 7 nights and that person family could not be happier. (more…)

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Santa Cruz Mountains (Block5)

Snow On Bay Area Peaks; Blizzard In Sierra

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Mar 5: According to the National Weather Service, more than an inch of rain had fallen in San Francisco and Castro Valley by seven in the morning 1.35 inches in Orinda and 1.26 inches in Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Bill to repair California storm damage double what's budgeted Email

Abc7news Feb 24: On the coast, an entire section of highway running through the Santa Cruz mountains washed out in what is estimated to be one of the state’s most expensive road projects so far this year, at $15 million. Also mentioned: Lake Tahoe (archive) (more…)

Before delivering papers, Boulder Creek man was a microbiologist

Santacruzsentinel Feb 24: …had lived five miles up Kings Creek Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains… Also mentioned: UCLA (archive) (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountain man and U.S. Army vet remembered

Santacruzsentinel Feb 23: SAN LORENZO VALLEY >> Longtime Santa Cruz Mountains resident and America … …help coach for baseball (illustration: boltron),” stated Amanda. (more…)



Santa Cruz Mountains (Block6)

Mountain biking at Saratoga Gap – Santa Cruz Mountains

Oct 4 2013 : Santa Cruz Mountains Saratoga Gap Long Ridge GoPro Hero2 Kona The King.

12 pine flat old bonny doon – Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge

Aug 17 2013 : 2013 Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge: descent from the top of Pine Flat, through Old Bonny Doon Road, and back to Pine Flat.