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Santa Cruz Mountains

Study finds sediment-rich streams are more dynamic

Santacruzsentinel Mar 14: The constant feed of sediment sets West Coast rivers — such as streams in the Santa Cruz Mountains — apart. (more…)

Study shows how river channels adjust to large sediment supplies

News Ucsc Mar 13: Rivers in steep landscapes like the Santa Cruz Mountains transport lots of sediment compared to rivers in, say, MI or upstate Completely new New York City Pfeiffer said. (more…)

Multiple factors trigger five traffic deaths on Highway 1 in 2017

Mercurynews Mar 12: Hwy seventeen was closed multiple times as crews worked to clear landslides, and investigate deadly wrecks and a Jan. 26 bank robbery that triggered a chase over the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Air Force sergeant gives K9 partner one last hug Email

Abc7news Mar 9: RELATED: Blind dog miraculously found alive after seven nights in Santa Cruz Mountains (more…)

Blind dog lost for days in California mountains is found

Foxnews Mar 8: A blind dog that was lost in the thick woods and steep terrain of California’s Santa Cruz mountains was missing for more than a week before she was found. (more…)

Woman And Child Escape Los Gatos Home Destroyed In Mudslide

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Feb 9: The latest mudslide has cut off a family in the Santa Cruz Mountains. … And on a remote lane, deep in a canyon (illustration: snowpeak) off Bear Creek Road, is homeowner Brian Ward. (more…)

Trip To The Store Ends In Perilous Crash

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Feb 9: LOS GATOS – A trip to the store at the height of Tuesday’s storm ended in a frightful crash for a resident in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)







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Santa Cruz Mountains

Horse Rescued After Animal Got Stuck In Santa Cruz Creek

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Mar 8: SANTA CRUZ — A horse and rider got in trouble Tue evening in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Blind Dog Rescued In Santa Cruz Mountains After A Week Missing

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Mar 7: Mon Mar 6 at 22:57 By Betsy YuBOULDER CREEK — A blind dog that was lost in the Santa Cruz Mountains was missing for more than a week before someone found her. … …shoulders about a one hundred yrds up the canyon (illustration: snowpeak). (more…)

Bay Area Cold Weather Front Lingers; Sierra Digs Out From Winter Storm

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Mar 6: Snow showers were reported at places above 2,500 ft. such as Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Diablo, and along the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Wild mix of rain, hail, snow hits Bay Area

KTVU Mar 6: There are also reports of snow on Mt. Diablo and the Santa Cruz Mountains including Hwy 9. (more…)


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Santa Cruz Mountains

Snow On Bay Area Peaks; Blizzard In Sierra

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Mar 5: According to the National Weather Service, more than an inch of rain had fallen in San Francisco and Castro Valley by seven in the morning 1.35 inches in Orinda and 1.26 inches in Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Bill to repair California storm damage double what's budgeted Email

Abc7news Feb 24: On the coast, an entire section of highway running through the Santa Cruz mountains washed out in what is estimated to be one of the state’s most expensive road projects so far this year, at $15 million. Also mentioned: Lake Tahoe (archive) (more…)

Before delivering papers, Boulder Creek man was a microbiologist

Santacruzsentinel Feb 24: …had lived five miles up Kings Creek Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains… Also mentioned: UCLA (archive) (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountain man and U.S. Army vet remembered

Santacruzsentinel Feb 23: SAN LORENZO VALLEY >> Longtime Santa Cruz Mountains resident and America … …help coach for baseball (illustration: boltron),” stated Amanda. (more…)



Santa Cruz Mountains

Mountain biking at Saratoga Gap – Santa Cruz Mountains

Oct 4 2013 : Santa Cruz Mountains Saratoga Gap Long Ridge GoPro Hero2 Kona The King.

12 pine flat old bonny doon – Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge

Aug 17 2013 : 2013 Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge: descent from the top of Pine Flat, through Old Bonny Doon Road, and back to Pine Flat.

Santa Cruz Mountains

Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard: Winter of 2017: How does it compare?

Santacruzsentinel Feb 19: Along the coast, Davenport, Santa Cruz, Soquel and Aptos likely average about 25 to thirty inches annually, with the higher parts of the Santa Cruz Mountains getting twice that much. (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountains

Frustrated Highway 17 Commuters Remove Downed Tree

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal Feb 21: SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS – Nowhere in the Bay Area are commuters more frustrated with the recent rainy weather than on Hwy seventeen – the main artery to San Jose from Santa Cruz through the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountains

California drought: Rain falling across the state today

Mercurynews Feb 17: It follows a quick-moving system Thu that delivered modest rainfall totals, ranging from nearly two inches in Venado in Sonoma County, 1.33 inches in the Santa Cruz Mountains and less than a half-inch in most cities. (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountains

Swollen San Lorenzo River Continues to Rise Above Flood Stage

Nbcbayarea Feb 20: Recent rain has pounded the Santa Cruz Mountains, causing flood concerns for people living along the San Lorenzo River in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountains

Los Gatos’ California Cafe will become … the Catamount

Mercurynews Feb 21: So he’s paying tribute to all of the above with the name “The Catamount,” a portmanteau that combines The Cats and the Santa Cruz Mountains. (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountains

Presidio Social Club Owner Eyes April for Los Gatos Restaurant Opening

Sf Eater Feb 22: Named after Los Gatos and the Santa Cruz Mountains, The Catamount is meant to be a solid neighborhood restaurant, much like Tang’s SF location. (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountains

Frustrated Highway 17 drivers use teamwork to clear giant tree

Sfgate Feb 21: Drivers helped clear a tree off Hwy seventeen in the Santa Cruz Mountains on Mon Mon Feb 20 (more…)

Santa Cruz Mountains

Monterey County rivers continue to rise, evacuations ordered near Salinas

Mercurynews Feb 21: “It looks like the heaviest rains are going to be up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and down along the Santa Lucia. (more…)